Bernardo Cifres Amat

Joel Lliró

French Horn Soloist at the Valencian Community Orchestra and Teacher.

It was at the Institut that I finally found (after a long time) someone who actually listened to me and spoke the same language I was speaking, who didn't think I was talking nonsense and that

Francisco Sevillá Gonell

Trombone player at the Madrid Community Orchestra, Trombone Teacher.

After a complex surgical intervention to remove a facial tumor, I hadn't been able to play for 8 months.

Séverine Rospocher Zaffonato

severine rospocher.jpg

Flautist and teacher.

I consulted the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art after having seen many experts in over 10 months. Nobody had been able to explain what my problem was or how to solve it.