Bernardo Cifres Amat

Joel Lliró

French Horn Soloist at the Valencian Community Orchestra and Teacher.

It was at the Institut that I finally found (after a long time) someone who actually listened to me and spoke the same language I was speaking, who didn't think I was talking nonsense and that I just didn't want to go to work.

For the first time, a doctor gave a diagnosis that had to do with what I felt and suffered. Moreover, they had a solution to my problem.

Having a diagnosis for my disease was the most helpful thing. They have their own devices at the Institut, many of which have been developed by themselves, and which help diagnose your illness. Then, when you move to physiotherapy, you know you will recover. They have a very personal approach and you can feel from the start how the whole treatment relates closely to the diagnosis. Hand working sessions are high quality, very hard to find outside the centre.