Francisco Sevillá Gonell

Trombone player at the Madrid Community Orchestra, Trombone Teacher.

After a complex surgical intervention to remove a facial tumor, I hadn't been able to play for 8 months. Surgeons could not help me on how to proceed with my rehabilitation.

The had done an excellent job, but they didn't know how to proceed because of the singularity and intensity of my job, and how it affects my face. I went back to my instrument and taught myself again for 4 months without any medical assistance.

When I went to their centre in Terrassa, I was incredibly impressed at their professionalism and expertise. The team was warm and human - absolutely fantastic.

The way they dealt with my problem seemed totally logical to me, it made sense. They based their treatment on scientific knowledge, using scientific devices designed to meet the musician's special features.

In just 3 months, I felt a 200% improvement in my playing skills when compared to the 4 months I spent on my own.