Karina Rubio

Latin Dance Trainer. Romania's National Team Coach and Director. Nine times winner of Spain's Latin Dance Tournament.

I found a team who cared for us - you respect dancers, artists...

You really get involved, as if it were you that were to win the championship we were competing in. You make us confident in our physical condition so that we don't worry about it. It was at the Institut where, for the first time, I didn't hear that common sentence, 'just rest for a couple of weeks and you'll be fine'.

No way! You knew we couldn't stop. We couldn't lose training time; it would destrow us psychologically. Then you would find new solutions, you wouldn't stop looking for new options... I loved that. And when you said, 'Karina, you must stop now', then I knew there was no choice. Then I would stop knowing it was the best for me.

The doctor is such a nice man - he can explain anything so clearly. Physiotherapists know how to follow the doctor's instructions and develop a fantastic relationship with their patients in a very positive and friendly atmosphere.