Pep Espígol

pep espigolG.jpg

Lindy Hop and Swing Dancer and Teacher.

Because the Institut specialises in diagnosing and treating dancers injuries, the solution to your illness won't be to "just stop dancing for a while", as I have heard in other centres.

When a professional sustains an injury, they want to recover from it without having to stop their professional activity. The Institut cares about this and looks for ways to meet your needs.

Their attention is very personalised. Physiotherapists have been so kind and understanding at all times. And that underlines their professionalism even further. They adapted not only to my injury, but to the intensity I required as well.

I am the kind of person who needs to understand things. People at the Institut explained both the diagnosis and procedure to me in a clear way, so that I could follow and comprehend.

I have always been told what the real scenario was, what my options were, about risks and advantages... and what my chances were for a full recovery. I think that is very honest and basic for a good relationship between doctor and patient.

We make a living out of our hands, our feet, arms, legs, back, knees, elbows... It is worth having someone tell you whether you are doing things well. We often hurt ourselves because of our bad habits. The Institut can teach professional dancers new habits so that we can avoid injury and have a long successful career!