Luís Zenner


Professor de metalls i concertista de trombó.

Estic totalment recuperat de la meva distonia de l'embocadura amb unes sensacions al·lucinants.

Marc Cabero

marc cabero1.jpg


I have been treated in other centres, and I have always had the feeling that they lacked a personalised attention, specific to the cause of the problem. This resulted in solutions which didn't quite meet the needs of the injury.

Manel Camp

manel camp.jpg

Pianist, composer and teacher.

The people at the Institut understand how the patient feels, especially musicians, which is my case.

Manuel Parra Pérez

Manuel Parra


An excellent surgical intervention is worthless without an excellent rehabilitation. And that is what the Institute offers to every musician.

Marco De Biasi

marco de biasi.jpg

Guitarist, composer and painter.

The Insitut offers great professionalism, competence and the capacity to solve problems through a sincere relationship witht the patient.


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