Montserrat Torruella



In April 2012 I was operated for a benign tumor in the parotid gland. Everything went very well, and the recovery continued its progress correctly. Once three months had passed, I saw that, at the joint level (which is what affected my singing ability), I was not progressing, since the muscles were very tense and, at the time of vocalizing and beginning to sing, they hurt.

The doctor who operated me, suggested me to carry out physiotherapy sessions at the Institute. The visit with doctor Rosset encouraged me a lot because I discovered that there was work to be done and, therefore, it was not normal that I was stagnant. In this way I could progress and go back to my professional life. He described to me with great care and delicacy the situation in which I was, and informed me about the physiotherapy sessions that I needed to do. After three months, the outcome has been very satisfactory and I believe that with a few more sessions I will have completed my journey.

"I also have to say that I have felt very at ease with the whole team, both for their proximity and for their unique professionalism."

The singer seeks, at the level of the face, a firm gesture, that gives to the voice not only its amplifications but also the certainty that every sound has its space. And to get to know these interior spaces, the sensitizing of the muscle wrapping, the internal tissues and the external tissues is essential. This can help us to discover the appropriate gestures for releasing the voice, our great goal. With all this thorough research I felt very limited to rediscover those sensations with comfort. It has been thanks to the work with the physiotherapists that I have been able to conect with all of them, since they are essential for a happy voice emission.

A big thank you to the Institute, which I recommend specially and sincerely. The return to my professional life would not have been possible in such a short period of time without that big help.

Roberto Faenzi

roberto faenzi.jpg

Jazz, Free Jazz and Brazilian Jazz Drummer and Percussionist.

The Institut provided me with a team of professionals who understood the functioning of the human body (both at muscular and neurological levels) and the nature of artistic activity like I have never seen anywhere else.

Núria Soley

nuria soley.jpg

Ceramist specialised in ceramic jewellery.

I really appreciate it when I am clearly informed of the affection I suffer from and of the solutions that can be found. The Institut provided me with all this information, and with a very personalised attention and high professionalism by all members of the team.

Pep Espígol

pep espigol.jpg

Lindy Hop and Swing Dancer and Teacher.

Because the Institut specialises in diagnosing and treating dancers injuries, the solution to your illness won't be to "just stop dancing for a while", as I have heard in other centres.


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