Focal Dystonia

Focal dystonia (also referred to as musician's dystonia or musician's cramp) is a neurological condition which causes a loss of control over some of the movement patterns used when playing an instrument. This means the musician, at some point in their career, fails to reproduce a movement or technique required for their activity and which, up to that point, they could execute in an completely natural, automatic and efficient way.

We here at the Institut have specialised in preventing, diagnosing and treating musician's dystonia.

Our collaboration with the University of Konstanz (Germany) has allowed us to put into practice and enhance the Sensory Motor Retuning (SMR) system, a therapy developed by the said university in the late 1990s to treat musician's dystonia. Initially, it was only used to treat guitarists and pianists, but now it can be succesfully applied to every musician, even those suffering from embouchure dystonia.

You can find further details on this condition at the website which we developed in collaboration with our Arts and Sciencie Foundation.

You can also read the accounts of those musicians treated at the Institut, who have made a full recovery from their dystonia.

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