Séverine Rospocher Zaffonato

severine rospocher g.jpg

Flautist and teacher.

I consulted the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art after having seen many experts in over 10 months. Nobody had been able to explain what my problem was or how to solve it.

The Institut diagnosed me and suggested some guidelines for me to follow. I have been able to play ever since.

Any other queries I had (related to the mouthpiece, to muscular tension, etc.) were always met with the right answers - a stretching of some sort, an exercise that would help me.

They always have time during consultations for your questions, for auscultation, an ultrasound if need be, and for deciding what steps to take from there. It didn't matter if it was my first visit or an emergency, I never had much trouble making an appointment. I thought the price was very reasonable, considering the quality of the service.

You will find a team specialised in musician pathologies at the Institut. I think it is the ideal place for a musician who suffers from an affection related to their instrument.